Mistress Music: 9 Celeb Vixens Who Want to Make Music


–From rapper wifeys and jump-offs to reality show stars and all the drama queens in between, becoming a musician has become the side hustle du jour nowadays. We break down the ten worst offenders who picked up the mic but have yet to belt out a note or spit 16 bars worthy of our attention (or double-clicks). Adele and Nicki Minaj: Don’t worry about quitting your day jobs just yet.

Amber RoseFrom working the pole at Sue’s Rendezvous strip club to becoming the face of Louis Vuitton and Smirnoff, Amber is the quintessential vixen fairytale come true. Her eclectic look and streetwise sensibilities have made her a favorite from the runway to the sidewalk-snagging Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa along the way–but the Sinead O’Connor cut hasn’t given Amber the same musical luck.