MTV2 Guy Code: Ghostface Shares His Perfect “Good A$$ Night”


The one-and-only Ghostface Killah is helping in usher in the new season of MTV2’s Guy Code. In this exclusive teaser, Ghost explains what makes his ideal “Good A$$ Night.”

The second season of MTV2’s Guy Code premieres on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV2. New cast member Christopher “Big Black” Boykins joins the panel for the first time, along with comedian Chris Distefano, model and “Bizarre Magazine” cover girl Levy Tran, and “America’s Next Top Model” contestant and model Lisa Ramos.

The new season of “Guy Code” will pick up right where it left off, giving viewers the ins and outs of the special code that exists between bros as told through talking-head style commentators, absurd humor, and funny and inappropriate animation. Featuring today’s pop culture entertainers, top comics, rappers and specialized experts, the series will alter the manscape forever with the rules for life’s most important situations from bachelor parties and stress, to dealing with cops, pregnancy scares, piercings, lying, farting and much more.

But wait – there’s more! This season is all about the field test, as the Guy Code cast members head out to test the limits of the code during real life experiences, including everything from the joys of a spa visit, to shooting rifles at a gun range and even trying yoga for the first time. In addition, each episode will feature a new segment called #DontJudgeMe where panelists reveal embarrassing personal moments and guilty pleasures that many would never admit to; along with the return of the popular “Pro Tips” and “Good Ass Night” segments.