Nas Makes Special Appearance at Rucker Park


On a hot summer Tuesday night in NYC, Nas hit up the legendary Rucker Park in Harlem to perform tracks from Life Is Good. The stands were packed with basketball and Escobar fans alike, and in the middle of a game, Nas suddenly walked out on the court with an entourage to rock “Bye Baby.”

With Nas’ aunt and cousin in attendance, and OG Braveheart Jungle rumored to be present as well, the crowd went wild and began flocking to him, but security eventually calmed everyone down.

“The people is all I care about, I don’t care about Hollywood, the entertainment industry, all that fake stuff,” Nas yelled to the crowd. “I’m here on the strength of love.”

Showing love to Queens and praising New York as the “greatest city in the world,” Nas discussed how ten years ago to the date he had shot the “Made You Look” video at Rucker and when he was 15, he had seen Mike Tyson pull up to the court in a Lamborghini truck.

Nas continued: “I’m happy to come here. I see faces I haven’t seen in years, I see one face, I won’t put you on blast but I see you!” He went on to talk about his outlook on life these days. “My whole philosophy of life is life is good, because that’s where I come from. I come from a hard town, I come from a hard life like all of us do, but we’re not gonna let that get the best of us. We’re gonna keep our hands up to the highest, we gonna stay the flyest, the whole world will recognize who we are.” Then, amidst shouts of “We love you Nas,” he disappeared.

Watch a video recap below: