New Videos: Mara Hruby, Tez McClain, Zed Zilla, Don Trip & Dose


Here is what each artist has to say about their own music video and upcoming projects: Mara Hruby’s “Alright”. “You must allow yourself to be free to experience life and light in its purest form. Close your eyes and feel your inner passion, let it generate powerful inspiration to further enhance what your soul tells you to do.” — Mara Hruby

Zed Zilla teams with Don Trip for the official “Secret” video from Rent’s Due 2!Directed by Joe Gotti @memphisjoegotti
“Right Now” was directed by Mike Ho and features the rappers in a surreal state around a bevy of sexy women. This is definitely not your average “popping bottles in the club” clip. Tez is currently working on his next mixtape, titled Scoundrel as well as a joint album with Erk Tha Jerk. “Dose” Offical Video “Anything You Want” Feat. Future & Young Scooter