New Videos: Stalley, Jim Jones x Trav, Havoc, JD Era x Raekwon


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Stalley – “Midnight Satori”

If you’ve ever hung out in the projects before, you’ll be able to relate with this video.

2. Jim Jones (feat. Trav) – “Paper Chase”

Pretty sure this is less of a music video, and more of a “my-boy-brought-the-video-cam-to-Perfections” situation. BET Uncut, we miss you.

3. Havoc – “Same Shit, Different Day”

Luckily this isn’t a part of our “same shit, different day” life struggles—and hopefully not yours either! Sheesh Hav…

4. JD Era (feat. Raekwon) – “The Greatest”

Nothing like a wavy-haired chick that’ll hook up your ‘fit and pick out the best cigar for you.