New Videos: Stalley x Curren$y, Soulja Boy, Chevy Woods, Jon Connor, Jared Evan


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Stalley (feat. Curren$y) — “Hammers & Vogues”

We guess when Stalley says he’s “on my King ish,” the big ass “baby-shower” chair he’s sitting in is his throne.

2. Soulja Boy – “God Forgive Me”

For a dude who’s worth over $20 million, he sure is cheap when it comes to the video production. You can find better quality and focusing on an iPhone!

3. Chevy Woods – “Ace N Mitch”

Maybe this needs more reading into to understand the use of white masks, but we’re sure it plays on the lyrics. Chill vid overall though.

4. Jon Connor —”The Way I Am/Fast Lane”

Yo, we need to find out where homie got that “F—You!” gnome.

5. Jared Evan – “Charlie Brown”

Live-action Charlie Brown? Pretty interesting concept.