New York Stores Dumping Jeremy Lin Merchandise With Linsanity


Sports stores are offering what they deem a “Lin-sane” discount on Jeremy Lin merchandise.

Despite the discounted merchandise, with some shirts being marked down to $12.99 from a price of $22, fans are still not purchasing the items.

Customers at Broadway Mall in Hicksville, New York offered their opinions on the lack of sales. “Lin is still very popular here in New York, but teenagers are fickle,” said Tara Painter, 23. “The people who wear NBA t-shirts and jerseys want to look cool for their friends. Regardless of the steep discount, wearing a jersey of a player who isn’t on the team anymore isn’t a good look.”

Though many stores are now selling Lin merchandise, including his book “There’s No Expiration Date On Dreams,” for less than half the original price, some customers have tiny glimpses of hope that Lin will somehow return to the New York Knicks.

We doubt it!

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