Nicki Minaj Fan Gets “Pummeled’ After Stage Crashing


At her latest tour pit stop in promotion of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded in Miami, as Nicki Minaj was talking on stage, an overzealous fan lost control of themselves and attempted to bum-rush the stage but found himself abruptly halted and then attacked by a boisterous security. Online reports have viewed the altercation as the fan getting “pummeled” and it was all captured on video, with security and Minaj’s alleged boyfriend and definite hype-man SB kicking and punching the fan in front of a packed house. When he leaped on stage, he looked like he was trying to give her a hug and as she appeared bewildered, the punky-dressed concert-goer was whisked away in a ball of fury, and two other men hopped on stage running after security, which were most likely his friends as they weren’t in security or Minaj entourage gear. Minaj laughed off the situation, most likely from an uncomfortable stance, and thanked Florida for their love. Check out the video below!

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