Nicki Minaj Does Jay Leno Performance, Discusses Red Lobster Job


Hip-hop’s reigning rap queen Nicki Minaj stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to chat about her world tour and new role in the Ice Age: Continental Drift movie this past Friday.

Before hitting the stage for an island-inspired, hip-swaying performance of her latest single “Pound the Alarm,” Nicki dished to Leno about her pre-Young Money gig as a waitress at Red Lobster. Candid and comical, Ms. Minaj revealed that while not being the most polite server, she made over $500 a week at 19 years old, which afforded her a brand new BMW. And she had one thing to beg of Red Lobster customers for the waiters’ sake: stop ordering extra Cheddar Bay biscuits.

“They always want too much bread. That’s what bothered me. You guys, please, if you go to Red Lobster, stop ordering extra bread,” she pleaded. “We’re so busy in the kitchen and it’s like, the kitchen is hot, we’re waiting for your orders, and have another table. And we go to the table thinking it’s a big emergency and they’re like: ‘Can we have some more bread?’”

Nicki also dished on the advice she gives to her young female fans, as well as shared with Leno who one of her role models is: Jada Pinkett-Smith:

“I try to mold them, I always tell them to stay in school, I don’t want them to grow up too quick. I don’t want them to rush to grow up, I want them to take it easy because I think when I was younger I thought I was missing out on something,” she said. “I always loved Jada Pinkett Smith and I still do because I had the pleasure to meet her and she just seems so well put together, mentally. Like every time I see her in interviews, she’s always had this thing about her that made me feel inspired.”

Check out the videos for more of Nicki’s interview and her “Pound the Alarm” performance.

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