NJ Death Race Officers May Face Serious Criminal Charges


Criminal charges could be filed against officers who helped escort a “death race” throughout Northern New Jersey.

Last March, NJ state troopers (1st Class) Nassir Nassry, a 25-year veteran and trooper Joseph Ventrella helped escort a caravan of Lamborghinis, Porsche, and other high end sports cars from Northern New Jersey to a resort in Atlantic City.

Witnesses and other drivers snapped photos and video of the insane escapade, and “death race’ drivers were clocked at going over 100-mph. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the insane race.

A “death race” in which NJ state troopers escorted a high-speed caravan of luxury cars to Atlantic City could be netting criminal charges for the officers involved.

Inquistir Reports:
The officers involved in the NJ death race could face more problems. Nasry filed retirement papers on Thursday and his attorney held a new conference blasting the attorney general’s office for pursuing charges. Nassry, who has an otherwise perfect record, might even lose his pension from the incident if he is convicted–the equivalent of a $3 million fine.Nassry knows Jacobs from charity work, Bloomberg reported. Jacobs allegedly contacted the trooper with a request for an escort for the drivers, who were headed to a seaside resort to discuss fundraising.

Nassry is well liked amongst his unit.

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