No One Said It Was Going To Be Easy…


No one said post-grad life would be easy, but it took some time for reality to hit me after graduating. I’m stuck tightly between a rock and a hard place with no means to escape. No one can save or help me other than myself, and the chances of that? Zero to none. Unless someone, perhaps, has some sort of powerful potion that can magically release me.

Never did I imagine that I’d be still looking for a position in my field so long after graduating college. Of course, I didn’t expect one to just fall into my lap; because, well, life just doesn’t work that way. Clearly. But it’s been a year. One long, overbearing, intolerable and difficult year of contacting companies, sending out résumés and networking. According to my mentor(s), conventional just doesn’t work these days. If it has for you? Well, more power to you then.

Others tell me in due time. But when exactly is it going to be my time? Am I selfish to want it nowmore than ever? Their words have meaning, but at some point, they gravitate from one ear and out the other. I’m listening, I understand, but all I hear are non-stop clichés. It just seems way too easy, you know? It’s way easier said than done. Post grad life? Welcome to the real world–a bitch that plays no games or offers no pity, especially in New York City.

Constant rejection doesn’t help at all either.