No One Said It Was Going To Be Easy…


I’m starting to feel like this entire process is a lot like speed dating.

Hear me out: Speed dating is all about putting your best foot forward in hopes of meeting a man (or a woman depending on your preference) who you could potentially have some sort of future (or quickie depending on your intentions) with, right? You put your best out there and feel the other person out in the few minutes allowed and either communication ends there or it begins and lays the slate for new opportunities. Well, that’s a lot like the real world in my opinion and landing a job fresh out college. You send out résumés and/or go on interviews to put your best foot forth and either they like you or they don’t. It’s simple, really.

Here I am. A young 20-something with drive, ambition, experience and a degree who hasn’t landed a job in her field just yet. Let me guess, you’re thinking either: “You’re not trying hard enough” or “No one’s hiring in this economy,” right?

Well, for one, I am trying. Beyond my limits which as a result is testing my ability to remain sane. At this point my sanity is holding on for dear life on a short leash. As for the economy? That’s the easy way out. It’s way too easy to blame not being able to land an opportunity due to the shit hole a certain predecessor of the 44th President got us into.

I’ve come to find that many companies are more willing to hire an intern than an employee. Sure, experience is worth it. Whether you have or had a good (or bad) internship, it’s always a learning experience, so cherish it. But what about an actual position? I’ve seen many companies bring in a boat load of interns season after season, yet even those select few who shine and add value to the company aren’t hired due to a lack of positions. The only way in is if someone on the inside quits, retires or is fired. Seems as though the only way in is to see someone out. Then again, there is that rare chance that the company expands or creates new positions.

I’ve had critics who tell me maybe I’ve chosen the wrong field(s) suggesting that I should have gone or should go into the medical field or law. That just isn’t me.