Ochocinco Changes Name Back to Chad Johnson


I don’t know which one is more news worthy: the fact that Chad Johnson’s self-titled nickname Ochocinco became his legal last name or that six years later the football star has legally gone back to his birth name.

After wedding Evelyn Lozada, the pair decided it was better to have Johnson as a last name then the carry around the numerical moniker. Chad will have Johnson on the back of his new Miami Dolphins jersey, which he says is for marriage purposes. However, he is still Ochocinco, with that being his legal middle name.

In the years leading up to the present name change, it has been joked that he was going to revert back to the basics, but it took love to actually get him to sign the papers.

With his new deal one-year deal with the Dolphins and new (old) last name, it’ll be interesting to see if the old Chad Johnson is indeed back. –Sharifa Daniels