Pardon the Introduction: AN21 & Max Vangeli Release 15-Minute Album Teaser Mix


Progressive dance duo AN21 and Max Vangeli are giving fans an exclusive preview of their album People of the Night dropping on Size Records in the near future. This teaser is far more than a game of “just the tip.” The Swedes’ are revealing 15 full minutes of some club room real ish.

The quarter of an hour sonic slice features samples such a title track “People of the Night” featuring the name that never quits, Tiësto, as well as the anthemic track everyone’s been talking about, “Bombs Over Capitals.” (Was Outkast involved)?

VIBE calls it now: This album will officially put AN21 & Max Vangeli on the map, so get in on this action now before everyone starts talking about it. Whoops, too late.

Check it: