The beautiful L.A. based beat-maker; Audrey Napoleon is the poster child for the “celebration of our generation.” VIBE caught up with the stunning artist this weekend at the IDentity Festival, which set up camp at Jones Beach for performance day.

“I feel like this [IDentity] tour is like summer camp for electronic artists,” Napoleon says. She’s sitting in her dressing room wearing a black bra and lacey black stockings, with (black again!) pin straight hair that cloaks her snow-white skin. She’s a modern day Twiggy—only Napoleon lights up a crowd with more than just waif-ish style (although a new fashion line is on the works), but by producing danceable music, which she describes as “underground pop.”

VIBE: How are you enjoying your first tour bus experience?
AUDREY NAPOLEON: I love it. Thank God I have Eva Simons on the bus with me. She’s the only other girl on the tour—I got lucky. She’s really amazing… her voice! How does that voice even come out?

How do you feel about what’s happening with EDM in the US right now?
It’s a celebration of our generation. This is a f–king revolution of dance music—the peace and love and happiness—it’s the ‘60s again.

Tell us about your first EP, Ornamental Egos:
Ornamental Egos is my first EP. It’s my baby—like giving birth to my first child.

Define an ornamental ego.
I believe that everyone walks around wearing their egos like armor. It’s an ornament of defense. I’m a very shy person and introverted, but when I get on the stage I just explode into Audrey Napoleon. It’s a form of armor for humans to be able to walk around and deal with reality. Also, I love the fact that it’s the name of my first EP because it’s such a vulnerable state for me.

What make you nervous?
Waking up. Going on stage always makes me nervous. The day I’m not nervous about that I should just quit.

Dream hip-hop collab?
Missy Elliott or Azaelia Banks. She’s the f–king sh-t, man!

What attracts you to a man?
I scare men. Nobody talks to me or flirts with me. But if someone would genuinely make me laugh and be able to listen to music the way I do.