Pardon the Introduction: Sirkus Sirkuz


The newest DJ on the scene is Sirkus Sirkuz, the latest solo project from Decky Hedrock, and he has just released his first full EP today by 9G Records. “Rapier” is a driving and gritty electro track, steeped deep in a four to the floor house beat and vocal.

Also included in the EP are remixes from several down and dirty DJs, including Deadbots, who will smash you hard and fast in the face with their snyth stabs and nexus of electricity; Figure of 8 with slower paced disco-inspired melody that chills the mood; and Dert Cheep who brings you back to the warehouse with a hoppin’ melody to get everyone jumpin’.

Decky Hedrock is no stranger to the music scene, for under a number of aliases he has remixed big name artists that include Beyonce, Depeche Mode, and Gorillaz, while also collaborating with the likes of Robert Smith, Morgan Kibby and Green Velvet.

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