Paul Wall and TV Johnny to Make Free “Grillz” for Team USA Gold Medal Winners


The greatest hip-hop moment of this year’s Olympic Games came from none other than the newest gold-medal-winning swim sensation, Ryan Lochte. After beating out Michael Phelps for the coveted prize in the 400-meter individually medley, Lochte sported a diamond-encrusted American flag grill across his wide smile. The Florida-bred swimming champ shocked the world, and gave lovers of hip-hop culture a head nod in his triumphant moment, but who do we have to thank for the mouthpiece? None other than Houston jewelers Paul Wall and TV Johnny.

Miss Info caught up with Paul Wall to discuss his reaction to Lochte’s win, work he’s done for the swimmer in the past, and a new deal he has decided to offer to Team USA gold medalists.

“We so pumped up about Team USA already, watching ping pong, basketball, everything. So when we saw Ryan win…and this dude beat Michael Phelps too…and then stunt with that grill?! It was just such an honor for us as Team USA patriots,” Paul said. “Ryan Lochte is reppin’ for the country, reppin’ for the hood, for hip hop fans, for anyone who ever wore a grill.”

And if this is your first time hearing of the grill-rockin’ gold medalist, do not be mistaken, the guy’s no poser. This is not the first set of diamond teeth Paul Wall has made for Lochte—his latest request was just a bit more special.

“We made Ryan an all white diamond grill in the past, but for the Olympics, we did both top and bottom grills with prong-set white VVS diamonds, blue diamonds, and red rubies, all hand set. A grill like that runs about $15,000-$25,000,” Paul Wall told Miss Info.

While it has been a while since iced-out grills were the hottest thing out, Paul insists that the South still shows the trend some love. He even shared that he has just worked on new pieces for the likes of Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown and even Jill Scott.

It looks like the grill may be taking another walk around the hip-hop trend block, and Paul Wall’s latest sign of patriotism may just be the boost it needs. In light of Lochte’s victory, the Houston rapper has decided to offer any Team USA gold medalist their very own grill. Don’t be surprised if Lebron and company take the Ryan Lochte route if they bring home the gold!

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