President Obama Tells Touching Story of Colorado Shooting Survivors


President Barack Obama met with the families of the victims of the Colorado shooting in a movie theatre that took place during a midnight showing of ‘Dark Knight Rises’. In a televised speech Sunday night, Obama recounted a moving story of two best friends who survived the incident – Allie Young, 19 and Stephanie Davies, 21. “She (Young) was shot in the neck, and it punctured a vein and immediately she started spurting blood,” Obama said. “And apparently as she dropped down on the floor, Stephanie — 21 years old — had the presence of mind to drop down on the ground with her, pull her out of the aisle, place her fingers over where she — where Allie had been wounded, and applied pressure the entire time while the gunman was still shooting.” Obama continued by saying that Davies never left her friend’s side until the SWAT team arrived. With the help of several others, Davies carried Young across two parking lots to an ambulance. “Because of Stephanie’s timely actions, I just had a conversation with Allie downstairs, and she is going to be fine,” Obama said. “I don’t know how many people at any age would have the presence of mind that Stephanie did or the courage that Allie showed.” “And so as tragic as the circumstances of what we’ve seen today are, as heartbreaking as it is for the families, it’s worth us spending most of our time reflecting on young Americans like Allie and Stephanie,” he continued. “Because they represent what’s best in us and they assure us that out of this darkness a brighter day is going to come.” Watch the full speech below.