R. Kelly Partly Blames ‘The Notebook’ for Divorce


According to R. Kelly, the ’00s version of Gone With the Wind, The Notebook, had a persuasive effect on his marriage to Andrea Kelly, his now ex-wife who currently stars in the first wives reality TV show Hollywood Exes on VH1.

Apparently, Ryan Gosling is a grown man’s kryptonite. In Kells first memoir, Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me (possibly the most presumptuous and creative autobiographic title ever), he reveals the compelling decision to divorce after an unexpected heart to heart session with the film. The Nicholas Sparks tear-jerker opened his eyes to the unresolved disconnect that had yet to cease between him and Andrea. Once the film faded to black, Kelly threw in the engraved towel after 12 years of marriage. The Kellys have three children together, and the divorce arrived on the helms of his crazy child pornography case that occurred from 2002-04, causing another aspect of his life to be threatened: his golden career and longevity in the music business.

The Pied Piper admits that while memories flashed in his eyes of times and tribulations with Andrea, he had “burst into tears” when the credits began rolling. “My marriage had died” he wrote in his book, “And there was nothing I could do to bring it back”.