Rihanna and Chris Brown to Collaborate Again?


took his talents to St. Tropez to shoot a video with Ludacris and Swizz Beatz. While there, he reportedly made a pitstop to see his ex-flame Rihanna, who was also sailing the blues waters.

Fans have quickly concluded that the two are hooking up again, yet sources say the two had a work-related chat aboard a $300 million yacht owned by Russian vodka billionaire Yuri Shefler. The “Birthday Cake” collaborators were discussing RiRi’s potential cameo in Breezy’s upcoming visuals.

“Rihanna had her own yacht moored nearby,” the source tells the NY Post, “and Chris had been visiting her. But they came over to The Serene Sunday to join Leo with Swizz Beatz and Ludacris.”

Despite the professional tone, sparks still flew while out at sea.

“There were clearly sparks flying between Rihanna and Chris. They spent a lot of the night in deep conversation. It’s clear things are very good between them again. They seemed happy to be together.”

The chemistry between these two will always be apparent, but the two seem to have settled into being good friends. And honestly, at this point, we’re more interested in what they can do musically.

What do you think, Vixens? Do you think Rihanna will make a quick cameo in the vid?