Rita Ora Heats Up In NYC’s Coney Island


As Rita Ora and I hit the ascent of Coney Island’s wildly adventurous Sling Shot ride—in which a free-twirling two-seater is catapulted more than 150 feet into the air by twin cables, bungie-style—our true feelings for each other revealed themselves.

“I hate you!” I shouted, as the view of a Brooklyn housing project whizzed by, then the sky, the ground, and projects again.

She retorts: “I hate you more!”

You see, after we’d been banged up on the world-famously rickety Cyclone coaster—a wooden death wish and BK landmark—Rita, a self-proclaimed thrill-seeker, likened me to a lady dog for hesitating to board the 90 mph Sling Shot. And no man can back down once he’s been called a bitch. Particularly when the emasculator is one of the U.K.’s most gorgeous exports, future pop music staple, amazing vocalist and uber-down-to-earth chick.

So after that initial 12 seconds of defecating my Levis, we made up (no kiss, though) and laughed at how kiddie the thrill ride was, as our retro Jordans kicked and still-suspended chairs did backflips above the ground.

But still, the most exciting portion of the afternoon had occurred earlier, when Rita glammed up for a revealing photo shoot that perfectly fit VIBE’s Sexy Issue theme. (A Hassidic Jewish man even snuck a peek at Ms. Ora before commanding his two sons not to tell Mom).

Many shots were snapped, but few would adorn the magazine’s pages. Check out the gallery for Rita’s photo outtakes, followed by her post-shoot adventures at Coney Island. The pictures are truly breathtaking, or some other horndog adjective. —John Kennedy