Rockie Fresh Opens Up About Signing With Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group


Honestly, I think an Omarion hook on a Rockie Fresh joint will take you to mainstream radio. He really surprised a lot of cats on Self Made 2. No one was expecting him to bring that project together.
He definitely did, and he even surprised me because I always knew that the dude was dope, but he really took it to another level and just showed that he’s here to stay. He killed it.

Being that you’re also from Chicago. Have you had any interaction with Kanye and the G.O.O.D. Music Crew?
Nah, not him directly. But I’m pretty cool with Don C. And with Virgil who does a lot of Kanye’s creative direction. I’ve done a bunch of shows with Big Sean and I met Cudi. I always wanted everything to be organic so when I meet Kanye, even now, it’s going to be more respect versus if I met him earlier and tried to sell myself.

Who’s your dream producer collabo?
Its three dudes that I really, really want to work with. I got a lot of respect for a lot of the young producers now, but just me being someone who is new and trying to produce classic albums and knowing people that have done that. I really want to work with Timbaland, I feel like I could make some sick records with him. Also Pharrell just because I have that more mellow rap vibe and I feel like his production would really fit my flow well and also Kanye with him being from Chicago. I feel we could make a classic Chicago type of record.

Tell me about your first mixtape, Electric Highway, under the MMG umbrella.
Man, I recorded a bunch of songs for the mixtape already but just with the new situation that happened and the production resources that I’ll have, even the story that I can tell now, I’m going to, within the next weeks, really go back in and try to create some amazing new stuff that may wash out a lot of the old stuff that I recorded.

Even the title sounds more eclectic than something you’d hear from Maybach. Can you break it down for us?
My last mixtape was called Driving 88 and it was really explaining to my listeners in a long way that this is the speed that I’m moving at, and I’m comfortable with my pace. At the time I was an independent artist, and I was getting hit up by a lot of fans saying that they felt I was underrated or that I should’ve been signed and things like that. But I was comfortable with the pace that I was at, so that was Driving 88 pushing. Now, I’m moving into a different realm even before the Maybach situation went down I got blessed with the opportunity to headline my first tour. With that it’s just a different side, I’m on a different ramp on a different highway, but I’m still moving at the same speed and I want it to show that. That’s why I named it Electric Highway.

Well put, man. I’m sure your phone has been blowing up nonstop. Did Diddy reach out after the news broke of your signing?
He always showed love in the sense that I was honest with him in letting him know that Ross was interested in signing me, and with that being said, it was one of those things where he said he’d show love to me no matter what decision I made. I’m still going to hold him to that. I feel like things will still be smooth.

Is there one piece of advice that Puff gave you that sticks with you?
It was more so on a personal level, his respect for Driving 88 and the way that he broke down certain records out the tape too, made me respect him in a different way. With that, when I started to work more on Electric Highway, after meeting him, then that made me look at my records differently and have a better understanding of what I wanted to do. And I wouldn’t have had someone of that caliber break certain things down to me that made it special and help. So that was the cool part about Diddy conversations. He was a real explanatory dude and he went real in depth in explaining things and allowed me to see the records in a different light.

Honestly, what’s your favorite Ross song of all time?
That’s a tough one. Top 3, the first “Maybach Music” with Jay-Z, that record was insane. He had this freestyle, because I used to be super thirsty for Lil Wayne and Rick Ross releases and he released this freestyle called the “Teflon Don” freestyle and it got snatched off the internet, but I was able to get it because I was on it early, and we all listened to that like every day. That, and he got this other record called “Yacht Club” on Teflon Don. That joint is in-sane. The lyrics and the way he throws down stuff is cold.

One last thing, Ross said something about bringing Nipsey and Dom into the picture. Do you know if he’s still planning to sign them?
I never talked with him about that, but I wouldn’t be mad at that. I’m not too sure.