In Sad Sports News: Terrell Owens Legal Woes, Michael Vick on Piers Morgan


Terrell Owens continues to be in hot water after it was revealed last week that he missed a court appearance for overdue child support payments, and could be facing jail time.

One week later, the controversy doesn’t stop there. It was revealed on Monday, the source of Terrell’s legal woes was from his lawyer. According to a statement sent to RumorFix from his rep, the former football player had no idea he was due in court last week.

“Unfortunately, Terrell Owens was never informed by his attorney that he was due in court last week in Georgia regarding his current child support case,” said the rep. “This led to many negative headlines for Mr. Owens, calling him a ‘no show” and “facing jail time” for the recent missed court appearance.”

The lawyer has since been removed and Owens is reportedly handling the situation with care.

“Mr. Owens has been working diligently with his attorneys to modify his onerous child support payments so that they are in line with his current income and sate guidelines, as well as to establish visitation with his children,” reads the statement. “Mr. Owens has successfully modified all of his other child support obligations and is current on all payments. Mr. Owens is making the necessary arrangements to pay child support due to Ms. Smith in the Georgia case.”

Up north, Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick toyed with some problems of his own. In an effort to promote his upcoming memoir, Finally Free, Vick chopped it up with Piers Morgan on his dog fighting controversy and his time in prison.

“At some point arrogance overtook me, and I can honestly say I let money change me,” Vick told CNN on Tuesday.

He also revealed the lowest moment of the scandal, which was telling his son he was going to prison.

“I think the lowest moment was when I had to tell my son that I was going to prison and would be going for two years,” he said. “He just broke down and cried – it was shocking because I didn’t think he was able to understand the prison concept.”

Overall, while Vick says the real reason behind why he wrote his book was to give the public an idea of what he went through, he’s honestly not concerned with public opinion.

“That’s the reason I wrote this book – to tell people what I went through,” Vick said. “I know I can’t dwell on people’s perceptions because I can’t change them. I don’t blame them.”

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