Severed Head Of Chinese Student Linked to Montreal Cannibal


We must really be on the verge of a zombie takeover! These cannibalistic attacks just keep on occurring.

In the latest report, Montreal police believe they found what appears to be the severed head of a Chinese university student. He is suspected to have been dismembered and eaten by a former Canadian porn actor, Luka Magnotta.

As ABC News reports, investigators began on Sunday searching Parc Angrignon, just a few miles from Magnotta’s apartment, where they said they found what appeared to be a human head.

Although they haven’t currently confirmed that the head is in fact human, they are doing tests to determine whether or not it belongs to the victim Jun Lin, who was killed back in May.

Here’s where shit get really bizarre: Magnotta not only allegedly videotaped himself murdering Lin, dismembering his body, and eating parts of his flesh, but he also may have been the one to tip the cops off. He’s also accused of mailing Lin’s hands and feet to schools and government offices.

Yo, when will this madness stop!