Shrug it Off – Stop Stress & Save Your Beauty


Non-stop. The one word that describes your day to day life. From juggling work, events, friends and family, you barely have time to squeeze in a couple of minutes to take care of yourself. With you being an new age magician, you have the power of holding the entire world on your shoulder without looking like you’re breaking a sweat. Even though I hate to be the one to break it to you but looks can be extremely deceiving! Even though you look unstoppable to the entire world, you look in the mirror and not only feel the stress but it’s starts to peek through your skin.

In the U.S. we all have adapted to a lifestyle where stress is everywhere we turn. The scary part of our mentality is the simple fact that it becomes the norm. Even to the point where if we do not feel a little stressed at every point of the day we tend to feel guilty that we are not being productive. Well — here are a couple of reasons of why your face and body will thank you for living a stress-free life.

All in the Face

We all live by the key words that define our beauty like — ”black don’t crack.” Yes – that is a very true statement but even though black doesn’t crack — stress does. Thank God we all been blessed with all different types of shades but that does not mean we are invincible from looking older than we truly are. If you are constantly frowning and stressing all the time the muscles in your face will conform in that way. A way to make sure those your muscles are actively moving keep in mind of your stress levels and take a couple of deep breaths to relax your muscles. Also – when you’re stressed you tend not to get enough sleep which encourages bags under the eyes and dark circles. Time to hit the sheets and get some sleep.

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