Shrug it Off – Stop Stress & Save Your Beauty


Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Keeping your skin flawless is important but not as important as keeping your insides in tip-top shape. Living a stressed life can affect your immune system, blood vessels, digestion system and your weight. Even though being constantly on the move makes you feel like you are conquering the world — you still need to listen to your body. Ignoring the fact that your body is exhausted or is in pain is not a smart move. If you ignore these signs early on you won’t just have to sit out just for a time out but out the entire season. So stop with the stubbornness and listen to your body when it needs to rest. Yoga, anyone?

It‘s A “Mental” Thing

“You are what you think” — yes another quote with some truth behind it. We all underestimate the power of our minds and thoughts. Your thoughts dictates your words and eventually your actions. If you are always telling yourself that you are or about to be stressed then your body has no other choice but to simply follow suit. If you have cluttered thoughts it will come out in your life. Take the time and simply organize your thoughts and what you need to do. Focus on one task at a time so it does not feel like you’re tackling the universe.

What are some of the ways that you de-stress on a daily basis?

- Ellisa Oyewo

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