Signs You Are A Weavoholic


This is for all of my weave-wearers, the ladies who live for and can’t live without their extensions and weaves. While weaves can be a great protective hairstyle that allows you to add versatility to your do, whether it’s a color change or alternating lengths, as one who loves my weaves, I know they can become a bit of an obsession. Because I know how detrimental addictions can be, I have put together a few signs that you may be addicted to weaves.

You can’t go a day without your weave.
When it is time for a new installation you make sure your schedule is free in between taking out your weave and putting in a new one. You wouldn’t dare step out the house with your natural hair styled. Ultimately, the only person who knows what your actual hair looks like is your weavologist.

After a new weave installation you are already thinking about your next weave.
You just installed a fresh Virgin Indian wavy weave in 18” and you are already thinking about the Brazilian deep curly in a #2 you plan to rock next month. Weave is always on your mind.

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