Signs You Are A Weavoholic


“What kind of hair are you wearing?”
There’s a sista walking by with hair down her back. Your first thoughts are, What kind of hair is she wearing in her head? Not only are you always seeking the next best thing in hair, but you are predicting the hair texture and type of hair other women may or may not be wearing (FYI: Not every black girl with long hair is wearing a weave). You find yourself saying things like, “It looks like she’s wearing a deep wavy texture. Let me ask her.”

You sacrifice the health of your own hair to upkeep and maintain your weave.
Your stylist has told you time and time again, that you might want to take a break from your constant weave wearing. Although you are well aware of the damage that the weave has done to your hair, you do not care. You would rather wear a weave all of the time than to address what is going on with your natural hair. Your hairline might be nonexistent, but you always have your weave right? Houston, we have a problem!

Your hair money comes first!
You already know that a portion of your next paycheck is going to your hair. Your beautician is getting $150 and your beauty supply is getting $250. You don’t know how you’re paying your student loans for the month, but you know you’ll have the money to get your weave redone.

So there you go, these are all tell tale signs that you may be a bit obsessed with your weave. If you can relate to all of these points, it might be time for you to reevaluate your priorities and the health of your hair. Weaves are great and a lot of fun, but if you can’t live without them, then something is wrong. Go a day without your weave maybe a month, you might be surprised how liberating it feels.

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