Solange Knowles Hates Kim Kardashian?


Is there trouble in paradise?

Solange Knowles is not happy about big sister Bey’s new friendship with reality star Kim Kardashian, according to LimeLife. Solange is frantic and believes her sister can tarnish her reputation by hanging out with someone who will do almost anything for fame and attention.

When Kanye West started dating Kim K, there were rumors that Beyoncé herself did not approve of their relationship and refused to be her friend. Weeks later, Bey and Kim K were spotted cheering their men on at the WTT concerts in Europe and front row at the BET Awards.

Although Kim K is famous for exposing almost every detail of her life on camera, we think she could be great friends with Bey. These women have a lot in common. After all, they have created empires and love their men.

Solange is known for being outspoken, but being a mean girl is totally out of her character.

What are your thoughts on this, Vixens?