Stevie Wonder’s Cousin And Girlfriend Blackmail Singer For Millions


They say love is blind, but this is just disrespectful.

The cousin of legendary artist Stevie Wonder may stand trial for plotting with his girlfriend to blackmail the singer for millions of dollars.

According to the Daily Mail, Alpha L. Walker and his girlfriend Tamara E. Diaz allegedly filmed a rant against the singer for treatment of his family. Superior Court Judge Ray Jurado ruled Thursday that prosecutors had presented enough evidence for a jury to decide whether the pair extorted Wonder by threatening to sell the video to various media outlets if Wonder didn’t pay them.

Los Angeles Police Detective Tracey Benjamin described the film as an 80-minute verbal bash against Wonder. Portions were filmed in the former home of the singer’s late mother and also shows Wonder’s son, who the musician is protective of. Walker, 38, accused the musician of being ‘a slumlord’ and made derogatory comments about his mother, two witnesses said.

Benjamin interviewed Wonder for the case and said the singer was hurt by Walker’s accusations, calling them untrue. She said the Grammy-winning musician, real name Steveland Morris, stated that paying his cousin money would be the only way to keep it from being sold to a news outlet and embarrassing him and his family. Wonder did not testify.

The couple has been in jail since May 2, when they were arrested during a sting organized by Wonder’s attorney and Los Angeles police. The pair was given a $10,000 down payment on a $500,000 agreement to hand over the film footage and keep its contents confidential.

Walker and Diaz return to court on July 26 for an arraignment hearing.