Strange Beauty: 8 Unconventional Products That Get the Job Done


4. Lemon Juice – I’ll never forget the year I asked my mom why I, as a brown skin girl, had darker knees and elbows than my, well, non-brown peers. My 3rd grade mind was so perplexed, and it just didn’t seem fair. The next morning, as I was getting ready for school, she brought in a bottle of lemon juice and bag of cotton balls: “Here, put the juice on a cotton ball, and rub it on your elbows and knees every day before you do your lotion.” From that point on, I was a lemon-juicing fool, ok?! A few days later, when my bottle prematurely ran out (I clearly OD’d), I took to the refrigerator. Bingo! Found a lemon, bust that thang open, and got to rubbing. Needless to say – my knees and elbows were shining that summer. The darkness had faded significantly, and they were much smoother. I also had some toned biceps from swinging off bugs and bees attracted to the strong tangy scent, but whatevs.

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