Take A Ride In Style With These ‘Pure Fix Cycles’ Bikes


This summer, we’re bringing you the best products to keep you cool in this heat. What better way to stay sweat-free than to get some natural air while also getting a great work out? Yeah people, it’s time for you to upgrade that bike collecting dust in your garage.

Let us put you on to Pure Fix Cycles, the newest fixed gear bicycles—known as “fixies”—which increase maneuverability, efficiency, and lightness. Fixed gear cycles are gaining major popularity and prove to be more mechanically efficient than any other bike on the market. With the flip-flop hub standard, Pure Fix riders have the option to travel either single speed or fixed gear.

With over a dozen color combinations and a luxury bike that won’t break your pockets ($325 + free shipping is definitely not bad for the experience you’re getting), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be copping one right now.

Convinced yet? Go get one now, like “The Foxtrot” above, by [CLICKING HERE]. Thank us later…

Peep some of the options Pure Fix offers in the following gallery to really get you ready to hit the bike trail: