Vixen Chat: Tasha Smith Talks ‘For Better or Worse’ and New Unisex Fragrance


VIBE VIXEN: First, I want to congratulate you because it’s really awesome to see Black actresses on TV. I think that’s big for the Black community. As for your character Angela, how is your character going to change?

TASHA SMITH: Well Angela is not the one going through as much drama as she was last season. She’s more of the one helping everyone else out with their drama. Her household is more balanced right now; her and Marcus are doing really good. They’re working through some of the things from last season, from her burning up the car and all that stuff. But their pretty much back on track with their marriage and it seems that everyone else relationship around them are falling apart and their the ones that are helping everyone else pull it together.

That’s definitely a change.
I mean Angela got old boyfriends coming through and everything

What is Angela’s fashion style?
I mean, she is a fashionista more than Tasha Smith [Laughs]. I feel like I do okay, but Angela? Oh, she’s all about fashion, hair, nails, clothes. She’s all about the trends, the trendy hair, the trendy clothes and she has to be sharp in some heels every time she steps out the door. She’s’ giving you Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian with the shoes, okay!

I’m more casual but I’m learning how to pull it up, because when you look good, you feel good, and it’s something about a great heel that makes you feel sexy and fabulous. That’s how Angela is and I’m kinda living vicariously through her and taking on some of her fashion traits because I used to be in flip-flops and Birkenstocks. Seriously, I used to wear Birkenstocks and flip-flops and UGGs all the time. It was always about comfort to me but between [playing] Angela and my husband, I pull it together and throw on a heel even when I’m not on the red carpet.

Overall, how much of Angela is Tasha?
Well they’re both loud [Laughs]. Other than that, some of the things Angela does, I would never do have done. I would never burn up no car, clothes. I would never go to that extreme like Angela is extreme. She goes crazy; she doesn’t have that barometer in her that goes, ‘You should not do this girl,’ that inner voice that stops her from going too crazy.

Will we see Angela soften up a bit more this season.
Yea she’s not going to be soft but I’m going to say she’s going to be funny, and silly, and fun.  You know not mean and angry all the time. She’s funny, she’s silly, she has a little bit of that I Love Lucy energy. She’s always getting herself in trouble and trying to find a way to get herself out of it, and that something that’s cool and fun. She’s more of a comedic relief, not so dramatic and so aggressive.