Vixen Chat: Tasha Smith Talks ‘For Better or Worse’ and New Unisex Fragrance


VV: Why did you want to come up with “Us” fragrance?
TS: I needed something that I would love. I was wearing a lot of different fragrances, and I just couldn’t find the one I love. [My husband and I] went to a chemist, we got our smell down, and I’m telling you, it just smells fresh and pretty and beautiful. It also has a different note when a man wears it. It’s unisex and it takes on a whole ‘nother smell on a ma. I love it!

Was it difficult to create?
It was not that easy. It does take patience; you got to really put different smells together until you’re really able to come up with what you love. I like things on more of a citricy, floral kind of note.  So it has a lot of that in this Us fragrance.

Do you plan on creating any other beauty products started?
Absolutely, we’re working on a body butter, body cream and body wash, because I’m all about healthy skin and using organic products. And we’re working on also extending the line of fragrances as well.

Sounds exciting, do you know how soon we can expect the other products?
I’m saying within the year.

Outside from what you’re building currently, what other beauty brands do you kinda love?
I love Carol’s Daughter. They have amazing face butter, and I’m just a fan. Lately, as far as my day moisturizer–Neutrogena, oil free. I found that my skin has been a little oily during the day but at night it gets a little dry, that’s why I use the face butter at night as my face cream, my night cream. During the day, I use Neutrogena oil free moisturizer. I got to tell you that stuff works really good; I would spend a lot of money on moisturizers, but that Neutrogena just works with my skin.

Lastly, one of the culture trends is the 50 shades of Grey trilogy. If there was a book called the 50 shades of Tasha, what would it be about?
I’m all about motivating to be honest with you. I would probably share a lot of the things that I’ve experience and overcame in my life in a way to be able to empower people, whether it’s family, personal, relationships, social or career. Just being honest and transparent to help women to pursue life and be passionate about their life and about their future. And of course lovemaking is in that too, you know what I mean? But for me, it just wouldn’t be focused on that one dimension there but I would just be about, Look, this is all the stuff that I’ve gone through, this is all the stuff I overcame.

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