The BIG FYI: Why Men Aren’t Feeling Our Box Braids (Not Even On Beyonce)


— For the first time since her cowgirl hat and belly chain days, Beyonce’s opted back to braids and has given that lace front fortune of hers a well-deserved break. No, not exactly the cornrows she was squatting in the Say My Name vid, Bey’s joined the box braid bandwagon many women, including sister Solo have been rocking as of late. Unfortunately for Bey and many other women trying to celebrate the 90′s in peace (geesh), this look’s pretty disagreeable.

“Box braids are fine if you’re a 12-year-old 
or a 60-year-old going on a Tom Joyner cruise, b. Just get your hair done. Braids speak lazy and they don’t look good. Bey is a beauty. She looks like her fans now… homely and what not. If she wants to show us something new… she should show us her real hair, a new cut. I don’t like braids on Solange either, but I kinda get it. She’s boho, she’s away from the spotlight and has in-between hair I’m sure and isn’t that cute so… Women will catch a fit if a dude has cornrows. The same should apply to them.” 
—Chris Law, 29

“Beyonce’s new hair isn’t anything special to me. Rewind back to the 90′s or just go watch Poetic Justice to see Janet wearing the same style.” –Kyle, 25

“I hate them. In what world are dooky braids sexy? Some women like Janet and Beyonce look good in that look because they naturally look good –no help to the braids. Just like girls who cut their hair, a pretty girl can get away with it, but that doesn’t mean she should or that it like enhances her in anyway.” –Daniel, 21

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