The Jackson Family Drama Continues…


There seems to be no end in sight for the Jackson family drama.

A day after Katherine Jackson has returned to her Calabasas home, custody of Michael Jackson’s children was yanked from her only for her to request joint guardianship with Mike’s nephew and the children’s current temporary guardian TJ Jackson.

According to TMZ, Katherine’s attorney, Perry Sanders, says TJ and Katherine will file the request in court early next week.

“That pleading will essentially now legally reflect how Mrs. Jackson and TJ have often shared  responsibilities of raising the children since Michael Jackson’s tragic passing,” Perry said. The new arrangement will also reflect “the wishes of [Michael’s] children (Paris, Prince and Blanket).”

Soon after, the judge presiding over Katherine’s case said he needed help in deciding who to grant guardianship. According to court documents TMZ obtained, Judge Mitchell Beckloff ordered a probate court investigator named Cary Ornelas to “prepare an investigation report addressing the status of the minor children and their currently suspended guardian, Katherine Jackson.”

Meanwhile… Randy Jackson posted a lengthy Twitter rant against the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate, claiming that they are conspiring to “kill Katherine” and they are to blame for the madness.

“The Estate is trying to isolate my Mother from her family JUST LIKE THEY DID TO MICHAEL, in order to propagate their lies, financial agendas and to protect a fraudulent will,” he said in a seven-bullet tweet.

Randy also weighed in on the custody battle. “When TJ asked my mother if he should ask for temporary guardianship, my Mother told TJ NO – twice,” he revealed. “In order to obtain temporary guardianship, TJ lied to the court. Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine and I would never harm our mother and we are doing our best to protect her and the Estate knows that.”

He ends on a disheartening note. “It is my fear and belief, that they are trying to take my mother’s life. “

Vixens, what’s your take on the drama?