The One Reason Men Aren’t Approaching You


Lately, you can’t enter a hair salon, restaurant or lounge without hearing women complain about the lack of eligible men. And they have a point: take away the men in relationships, the gay men, the incarcerated men, the unemployed/uneducated men and the “dogs,” and there aren’t a lot of men to choose from.

But some, NOT all, of these women contribute to their inability to find a man. Some of these women push men away as soon as they meet them.

While some women don’t pull the “right” men, there are others who don’t attract men at all. And most of them have no idea why.

Despite what relationship experts, gurus and analysts would have you believe, there’s really no complex secret to attracting men. The way to attract men? Umm…stop repelling them. Simple physics.

Be kind, friendly and approachable. That’s all.

Nowhere was this more apparent than at a house party this weekend. The house party was full of men. Straight men. Attractive men. Blue-collar guys like maintenance men and bus drivers. White-collar guys who worked on Wall Street, for Citigroup or at prestigious law firms. Whatever type of man you’re interested in, you could find him at this party.

There were some women, like me, who left the party having been approached by several eligible guys. There were others who left without any love.

I sat back and watched my friends interact to see the difference in their behavior. (Yes, this was my personal social experiment). I found that the very friends who complain about being lonely repel the men that may be interested in them.