The Phony Pony: Yay or Nay?


When your own hair doesn’t want to cooperate, a sew-in seems like too much of a commitment, and the goal is simply to add length to a slicked-back style, many women opt for a hair quickie: the phony pony. For decades now, faux ponytails have been spotted on the likes of our elders (no shade to those fab ladies at church every Sunday maw’nin), everyday women, and celebs alike. Over the last couple years, especially, the phony pony has seen a resurgence on the big screen and red carpet. It has sat high and low on the crowns of our most popular starlets, and come in lengths from just past the shoulders to damn near sweeping the floor (Ahem, Chrissy Lampkin. Hey girl!).

So, we’re curious to know, would you rock a faux ponytail? Spill it.

Tags: Beauty, hair, style