Thrifting: How To Expand Your Wardrobe


As you prepare new goals and resolutions for 2013, everyone should also be cleaning out their wardrobe and finding new gear for the New Year. Fashion forward individuals have relied on thrifting for ages to keep their wardrobe updated without breaking the bank and in today’s economy the art of buying vintage and used clothing is something that all should be comfortable with. For the majority living in major cities, events and parties happen often and finding new clothes for every public appearance becomes costly. Turning to thrift stores to find unique pieces will not only help you stand out, but will also help your checking account and credit look just as great in the process.

While the art of buying used isn’t always easy, finding good bargains can be done with three simple tips.

One, It’s All In The Name. It’s important to know the difference between vintage and consignment boutiques and thrift shops because that difference affects the price. Vintage and consignment boutiques usually means a higher price. A vintage or consignment shop is where your favorite socialites and stylists shop to find handbags, belts, suits, gowns and dresses by top designers. While shopping vintage is great for special occasions, vintage boutiques aren’t always great for finding steals and bargains.

Some shops do have great vintage looks at affordable prices, such as B.O.R.N. boutique in Harlem.