Thrifting: How To Expand Your Wardrobe


Second, Chain Thrifts are your Friend. Thrift Shops are where the bargains are, but it comes at the price of sifting through old, tattered clothing to find that diamond in the rough. Every trip doesn’t guarantee a find, but with patience, a good cleaners and a great tailor, there is something to be found.

Salvation Army, United Way and Good Will thrift stores receive a large amount of donations because of their legacy. Like with everything else, people go with what they know so when individuals are looking to clean out their closet, they often call on these organizations to donate their gently worn items. Several of these chains also partner with several major retailers who donate out of season, unopened and items that can’t be sold to these stores weekly. While merchandise at chain thrifts are often sorted by color instead of sizes, making shopping cumbersome, the likelihood of coming across new garments and everyday pieces to expand your wardrobe can happen frequently.

Third, Shopping in Better Neighbors Makes for Better Finds. Shopping in affluent neighborhoods makes for a better shopping experience. Their stores not only tend to be better managed and organized, their clothes are often a reflection of the individuals living in those neighborhoods. While stereotyping is often not a good thing, when it comes to thrifting it certainly can make a huge differences.

Take these tips as you prep your wardrobe for the New Year and leave some of your thrifting tips in the comments.

- Byron Edward

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