Tips to Mixing & Mingling at Summer BBQs


1. Be Confident! Engage in conversation with the guy. Great ways to start conversation are talking about the music, the food or even the weather!

2. Don’t be nervous to chow down. Guys love girls that aren’t afraid to get a lil’ messy. After all, it is a BBQ.

3. Help clean! Tidying up the BBQ space (when the party is winding down) is a great way to strike up a conversation and show off your modern day Betty Homemaker skills!

4. Seal the deal, by asking him what he’s doing later. If he’s interested he’ll definitely take the lead and make plans with you!

5. If your dream guy turns out to be a fail, simply get away with a “nice to meet you” or “I spotted someone across the room, I’m going to go say hi!”