Todd English’s Ex-Fiance Erica Wang Busted For Shoplifting


After recently being left at the alter by ex-fiance Todd English, Erica Wang has now been caught shoplifting.

According to the NY Post, Wang was caught for stealing almost $6,000 worth of clothing from her job, Ralph Lauren and confessed to having stolen $46,000 more.

Last Wednesday, she was caught trying to lift clothing by stuffing the items into a black shopping bag, however was stopped by another employee. While Wang claimed that she had purchased the items and was searching for a receipt, she instead attempted to hide the clothing in the storage room. She was later approached by another employee, to which she confessed the crime in addition to her past crimes totaling $46,000 worth of clothing.

“I stole $46,194 worth of merchandise, not including the $6,000 I stole today,”said Wang, according to the complaint.

The 36-year-old was employed at Ralph Lauren’s flagship store located on East 72nd Street for nearly eight months prior to her arrest and has been charged with grand larceny and criminal possession.

On Friday, she appeared at Manhattan Criminal Court and was released. She then flew to California to stay with her family for a night before making her way to Hong Kong, according to her father.

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