Top 5 Ways Our GFs F-Up Our Relationships (According To Him)


From WWMD — That awkward moment when your BF and your BFF both think you can do better. Sucks to be monkey in the middle right? You’re girl has a laundry list of reasons why you need to let that ninja go and your man swears life would be a beach chair if chickens would just mind their own coop. Not here to validate either side, because as we’ve all learned from the rachetivity that is the Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta  Stevie J love triangle –lovers be lying and some relationships need the intervention (word to Joseline’s baby bumpito).

But for all intensive purposes we will focus on the friend feedback aspect of it all via our girlfriends. The “Why are you still with him girl?” inquirers and the independent woman insisters, the “Arians” of the world. Yeah, we need to chat it up with her right quick. Evidently, are our guys have strong opinions on how/why our GFs can mess up our relationships. Cheat sheet:

1.) By Competing For His Attention

“Girls get really territorial over their friends and when they start losing their best friends undivided attention I think they get jealous on the low, low, low and try to compete with them. Either that or they’re attention starved and her and her girlfriend are so close she’s looking at her girl’s man like he’s another thing they can share, like a sweater or a purse.” –Daniel, 22

2.) By Inquiring and Knowing Way Too Much About The Relationship

“Girls be letting their girls have way too much access to their personal business. And I get it, women are emotional and their dating a guy like me the last thing he’s entertaining is her venting– so they complain to their girlfriends. But now you got somebody walking around knowing the complaints you have about not only your personal life, but his. When sh-t hits the fan and she starts spewing the whole relationship’s in jeopardy. Bad biz…” –Xavier, 26

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