UPDATED VIDEO: Game Films Street Fight with Rapper 40 Glocc


This past weekend a 35-second video clip emerged on World Star Hip-Hop where the beef between former G-Unit rappers 40 Glocc and Game goes back to the streets of L.A. It’s no secret that these two men down right hate each other. Glocc and Game have faced off in the past and the outcome has never been pretty. They’ve dissed each other on wax, on the internet and in-person. However, the latest altercation between these feuding rappers was caught on camera, by the Game. With his iphone in one hand, Game and is seen chasing down 40 and allegedly assaulting him. Here’s the footage that landed on WSHH. The two have also been going at it on twitter for the last day or so.

Today’s update of the situation is the release of a longer video clip of the alleged assault, this time from a different camera angle to show the ruckus in a clearer scenario. The over a minute long video continues from where the shorter one starts and shows 40 Glocc taking some serious body blows from Game to the point that he turns his back and cowers to his knees. Yells can be heard pleading with Game to stop the punishment. Understanding how both artists are street soldiers, let’s see how this pans out. Right now, it doesn’t look good.

Here is 40 Glocc’s explination of the fight with DJ Vlad: