V Playlist: Lloyd Banks, No Malice, Lloyd, Boldy James, Bueller Da Don


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Lloyd Banks – “Can She Live”
Fresh off the new mixtape, this track goes off on dudes who try and lock down girls. Like Meek tweeted to CB, these girls belong to the game—and it looks like Banks agrees. Tough beat nonetheless.

2. No Malice – “Unforgettable”
Coming out the Clipse camp, we expected something a bit more….just more. Malice’s verses themselves aren’t the issue, it’s the forgettable (no pun intended) beat that really slows this one down.

3. Lloyd – “Turn On The Lights (Freestyle)”
Lloyd returns with a sound that we’re used to hearing from him. Not a bad song, but R&B dudes need to show growth when stepping back out on the scene. This one isn’t quite showing that.

4. Boldy James – “One Of One”
The lyricism on this one doesn’t necessarily prove his assumed “uniqueness,” based off the title of the song, but this definitely get points for the chill production.

5. Bueller Da Don – “Testi-Fly”
This one is oddly interesting. It’s hip-hop, but you also get a trippy, synth sound mixed with a funky guitar riff at points—both minimally used, but quick to catch on to. Bueller doesn’t get drowned out either. He handles his own on this.