V Playlist: No Doubt, Lloyd Banks x Fabolous, Gunplay x Rick Ross, Ca$h Out, Domo Genesis x Earl Sweatshirt x Vince Staples x Action Bronson


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. No Doubt – “Settle Down”
No Doubt is baaaack—and bringing their signature ska sound along with them for old time’s sake! If your favorite song from the group is “Spiderwebs” or anything similar, you’ll definitely enjoy this nostalgic treat.

2. Lloyd Banks (feat. Fabolous) – “Bring It Back”
Hopefully Banks’ new mixtape V6 will make 50 Cent take back his recent claims, because his flow on this one isn’t hitting hard enough to prove otherwise.

3. Gunplay (feat. Rick Ross) – “Real Niggas”
For Ross, the motto seems to be “Don’t fix something that isn’t broken.” The Lex-Luger sounding beats & repetitive raps seem to become instant hits, so why change it up…right? You guys can be the judge of that statement.

4. Ca$h Out – “Big Booty”
Ironic that his stagename has “cash” in it, being that the feel of this song is 100% Cash Money Millionaires circa 2000. Fun times.

5. Domo Genesis (feat. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples & Action Bronson) – “Elimination Chamber”
Whoever decided to get these dudes on a song together deserves a toast. The rap cipher going on right here is just too good for words.