V Playlist: Rick Ross x André 3000, Slaughterhouse, Raekwon, Rapsody, Tulisa x Tyga


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Rick Ross (feat. André 3000) – “Sixteen”
3 Stacks needs to stop teasing us with these dope features and drop a new solo album! While we wait on that, this smooth banger will do. An 8 minute song can be intimidating to listen to, but every second works here. Ross’ husky flow is smooth as ever, and the guitar riff toward the end shows Dre channeling Hendrix just as easily off camera as he will in front of it when that biopic drops.

2. Slaughterhouse – “Weight Scale”
What do you get when you mix a classic Biggie sample, Nas’ “Nasty” beat, and a few MC’s rapping effortlessly bar for bar? If your first thought isn’t anything close to “hot” or “official,” we don’t know what you just listened to.

3. Raekwon – “Keep It Politics”
Of course Raekwon could take a xylophone-doused beat & make it sound like a respectable hip-hop track. Head-nodding is inevitable with this one.

4. Rapsody (feat. Raheem DeVaughn & Ab-Soul) – “Non-Fiction”
Ahh, it’s definitely a good day when a new 9th Wonder production drops. This one follows suit. Rapsody’s style of rapping is somewhat of a tribute to the early days of female hip-hop—when MC Lyte and YoYo relied solely on their rugged flow without the frills. Devaughn croons soulfully as always, while the black lipped bastard comes through and closes it out the right way. Simply put, dope track.

5. Tulisa (feat. Tyga) – “Live It Up”
More and more fire is coming from across the pond. This UK beauty comes with a party anthem that’s part hyphy, part pop. Tyga lends his cool-factor to this, but this one is meant to be enjoyed more for it’s party feel and less for the lyrical content.