Singer-Songwriter Vali Breaks Down Her New EP ‘Kiss The Sky’ Track-By-Track


Track 1: Ben N’ Jerry

Vali Says:
Well it was me, Hit Bangers, & [producers] 86. We were going through tracks, kind of in the beginning stage when I was still figuring out what kind of beats I wanted. We would get a lot of submissions. I heard [the beat for ” Ben N’ Jerry”] and there’s just something about it that was just really cool. We were all sitting around trying to think what we would write about, and people were throwing in different things. [The song] sounds like ice cream to me. It just has like this sprinkle thing. I’m very visual, so for me I was like, “Mmm, Ben & Jerry.” Then I thought it would be really cool to have it represent two guys or just represent guys in general—where it’s like Ben’s so sweet and Jerry’s the bad boy, you know? So that’s kind of how it started. 86 are these two writers, Silky and Unique, that I love working with. They get my style—they get me. They get my voice and we just vibe so well. The song came in and we wrote it really fast, maybe in like an hour.

I mean, hasn’t everybody [had to choose between two guys]? Of course! [Laughs]

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