Singer-Songwriter Vali Breaks Down Her New EP ‘Kiss The Sky’ Track-By-Track


Track 2: “Top Of The World”

Vali Says:
“Top of the World” was New Genesis, Billy Wes and Stanley Rudolph. It was actually written at like four or five in the morning. After Juicy J finished one of his sessions, I was just there chillin and he was like, “Why don’t you guys just work together ?” He just sat back and literally let me do my thing. It was my first session in L.A.—honestly, like my first big session. I just worked with great producers and we came up with the beat in 20 minutes. They had some ideas, gave it to me, I took it home, and I came back the next day with the whole song done. It just happened really, really fast. It was really cool, and it’s one of my favorite records.

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