VIBE Chats with NERVO: Blonde Bombshells Droppin’ Bomb Beats


Mim and Liv Nervo are gorgeous Aussie sisters who play dope music. If you ever got within three feet of them, their infectious smiles would leave standing in a puddle of your own drool. Need it simplified a little more? Here are the ABC’s of Mim and Liv, who simply go by the moniker (also their last name), NERVO… A) They’re models and hotter than whatever Snoop dropped that day, resulting in a song (and a couple million bucks). B) NERVO is more than a pretty face (ahem, two pretty faces), they are soulful sisters who get a party started with sick beats, sexy style and endless energy. C) “You’re Gonna Love Again” (the follow-up to NERVO’s debut Astralwerks single “We’re All No One” featuring Steve Aoki and Afrojack) showcases serious talent. The ladies not only wrote and produced the track, but performed the vocals as well. A rarity with all those button pushers cluttering up the the music space. Check out VIBE’s quick-fire Q&A with NERVO, then watch the video for “You’re Gonna Love Again”– don’t forget to wear a bib, boys. VIBE: What female artist (singer, DJ, rapper) inspires you? Why? NERVO: Female artists like Robyn, Peaches, Missy Elliot inspire us because they’re all such strong women with very distinct musical styles and often had to break the mould. They’re all pushing the boundaries and paving the way for musical freedom with no gender boundaries. Tell us about “You’re Gonna Love Again”: It’s a song about letting go of hurt and loving again. Do you see parallels between the hip-hop explosion in the early ’90s and the EDM explosion in the US today? We hope so! Our gigs are getting bigger and better and there does seem to be a real love for Electronic Music in America. What are your biggest turnoffs that men pull with you? When they can’t accept our career demands. Turn-ons? Confidence with modesty. If you had to collaborate with one rapper who would it be and why? Azealia Banks – she’s wicked. Like what you see? The video directed by Isaac Ravishankara (3OH!3, The Ready Set, hellogoodbye) has already been added to mtvU with rotation beginning tomorrow. The single which was the #4 break out track this week on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club play chart was released last month after premiering on Pete Tong’s BBC radio show. A multi-track digital EP with remixes by Marco V, Pleasurekraft and more is currently available and a special 12” vinyl package with an exclusive MYNC remix. All available at: